Railway Electronics and Control Systems Manufacturing - Moving People Quickly and Efficiently Around the World


As specialists in low volume, high mix electronics, TT Electronics Integrated Manufacturing Services (IMS) is proud to supply electronics and control system components to the world's largest transportation systems. 

While we offer leading electronic assembly, we also strive to build partnerships based on innovation and engineering expertise. With local representatives and a global footprint that spans across three continents, our local manufacturing and engineering support is unmatched. Whether your company is looking for rail based controlling and signaling systems, wayside equipment, or integrated control systems, TT Electronics can provide unsurpassed end-to-end product manufacturing.  

At TT Electronics, we have gone above and beyond all mandated rail manufacturing industry standards and have been recognized as an International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) accredited company. This accreditation is the internationally recognized quality standard for the evaluation of railway industry management systems. 

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