TT Electronics Partners with NewNet Communication Technologies, LLC Facilitating Successful Global Product Transfer


NewNet Communication Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of innovative solutions for next generation mobile, fixed line networks and credit card processing sought help with a challenging product transfer and re-instatement of a recently acquired product line. The situation involved transferring manufacturing from various factories across Asia back to the United States. Adding to the complexity, the project was faced with obsolete components, specialized test systems, and the need to reverse engineer a supply chain from Malaysia to the USA.


TT Electronics Integrated Manufacturing Services (IMS) engaged with NewNet Communication Technologies to take on the challenge of transferring a highly complex piece of RF equipment from an Asian supply base to the TT electronics factory in Perry, Ohio.  Further challenging this task, the project required completion within 90 days. TT Electronics immediately began working alongside NewNet Communication Technologies on the challenging build. By performing a complete redesign of the supply chain and offering creative solutions for customer owned inventory, a successful transfer of the acquired product line from Malaysia was made possible. TT Electronics leveraged its Global IPO to support the rapid transfer of product and its Product Life Management (PLM) team to assist in obsolescence mitigation. TT Electronics also leveraged its diversified engineering organization to redeploy a complicated test system used for product validation and calibration. Demonstrating their extensive end-to-end solutions, TT Electronics provided direct order fulfillment and extended engineering including in house Accelerated Life Testing (ALT). TT Electronics's flexible and supportive teams paired with high-quality workmanship and attention to detail allowed this program to be successful.


Within three months of receiving the order, TT Electronics IMS was able to create a new supply chain, build the product, and validate board and system level testing. Further demonstrating their performance, TT Electronics' outstanding quality and critical attention to detail allowed for the direct order fulfillment of complex high frequency radio heads to ship on time to the end customer within a truncated lead-time.  Through the collaboration of our global team of engineers and supply chain professionals, the challenges facing this key product were solved and the product line was made viable again.