IMS Testing Solutions (Abtest) is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0042.

UKAS Accreditation is an official recognition that a testing laboratory (or organisation) is working to a documented quality system and is competent to carry out specific tests. An accreditation certificate is issued only after a laboratory has demonstrated, through formal assessment, that it is competent to perform specific tests and that it satisfies the criteria laid down by UKAS, and has agreed to meet the UKAS regulations.

UKAS Accreditation provides the accredited Laboratory and its clients with confidence in the quality of the Laboratory's testing, and in the technical and commercial integrity of the Laboratory's operations. UKAS accreditation is granted to laboratories that demonstrate compliance with UKAS Regulations. 


BS 3026T accredidation ilac-MRA accredidationT3000 accredidation