When your electronics products are as unique and individual as the people who use them, a one size fits all approach to environmental test doesn't work.

As a leader in low volume, high mix electronics manufacturing and engineering services, TT Electronics Integrated Manufacturing Services (IMS) provides extensive production level test services, as well as environmental and investigative testing to provide a complete end-to-end solution for electronics manufacturers.
Production level tests are useful and efficient  in testing printed circuit boards for resistance, capacitance, and sometimes inductance between two points on the circuit board.

Environmental and reliability testing is performed during design as well as in manufacturing. The goal is to test whether your product will remain reliable in its intended environment over a required duration of time. By accelerating the normal wear of products, we can reveal design defects. By doing so, we can evaluate reasons for product failure and help you to make improvements to your product.

What testing is right for your electronics products? Let IMS explain how testing can create a competitive advantage in a global marketplace. 

IMS Testing Solutions