Our Brand Attributes

Our Brand Attributes, In Alignment With Your Needs.

Global footprint. Local fingerprint.

Customers choose IMS for our global footprint and strong local support. With manufacturing facilities in the UK, US and China, we’re resourceful and effective in driving cost reduction. 

Brand ambassadors. Yours.

As ambassadors of your brand, it’s our responsibility to execute on and support your brand promise. We’re committed to upholding your highest standards of quality by providing a hands-on approach and the technical skills required to meet your most critical specifications.

The right fit matters.

IMS provides the structure and support mechanisms of a large manufacturer, with the customized, intimate approach of a smaller specialty group. From strategy to manufacturing to distribution, we deliver a full suite of end-to-end solutions.

High mix. Low volume. Highly flexible. 

We are optimized to create highly engineered and integrated products in a low volume, high mix manufacturing environment. We take a customized and innovative approach to each client project, and adapt quickly to adjust to the unique requirements of each.

Trust and respect. For real partnerships.

We invest in our customer’s long-term success by establishing strong relationships based on trust and respect. We engage early in the design development process, and collaborate in every aspect of the relationship, from communication to cost reduction to forecasting.

The insight and expertise to lead innovation.

IMS proactively provides industry insight and product design expertise, and guides clients toward innovative solutions. We maintain a unique market perspective by leveraging the industry expertise of all IMS divisions. 

Rely on IMS.

We’re a reliable partner, with the structure and resourcefulness to ensure more agile, quick turn manufacturing, without compromising product quality.